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View my body of work to date. 

Upcoming Exhibition:
"We're Doing it All Wrong" 

Two of my newest paintings will be a part of Edward A. Dixon Gallery's upcoming exhibition "We're Doing It All Wrong", an annual exhibition which features artworks that "recognize and react to the many ways humanity continually fails itself". The exhibition will be on display from August 4th - September 30th at Edward A. Dixon Gallery in Dayton, Ohio. 


About the Artist.

Throughout my life, my work has always been constructed around figurative aspects and text often finds its way into my compositions. My studio practice is focused on studying the narratives and historical context around Renaissance and Classical artworks depicting women. In my newest series of works, I reference and recreate classical female figures from the works of revered artists such as Botticelli and Titian, painting the women to appear as models on the “covers” of magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Hustler and Playboy. These “magazine covers” feature real quotes from the headlines of these publications. In pairing real modern publications with centuries-old images of women who have come to embody western standards of beauty, my work highlights how everyday portrayals of womanhood are steeped in misogynistic ideals. 

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