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Black-Owned Creative Businesses to Support

Hello friends. I write to you this week with a heavy heart in light of what’s currently happening in our world. My heart breaks for George Floyd and for all those who bear the burden of centuries of systemic oppression and injustice... George Floyd's tragic death was a heartbreaking wake-up call heard far and wide. The injustices that have happened and continue to happen will not go away on their own, and they are not someone else’s problem to fix. It will take all of us, together, to make effective change happen. We all must ask ourselves how we as individuals can best work to make this country a place where all feel safe and welcome. The reality is that social media posts and words alone aren't enough! So, this week I wanted to do something a little different here on Posh & Painterly. I've made you guys a list of creative black-owned businesses that you can shop from during this time to show support to the black community. I made an effort to include small businesses and established companies alike. I found so many great businesses while searching for this blog that I found it hard to pick my favorites, but here goes nothing:

Supreme Frames

Supreme Frames is an affordable and trendy vintage sunglass e-thrift shop founded by Ceressa Freeman. What eventually grew into a full-time business started as a way for Freeman to earn some extra cash in her last semester of college. Just in time for summer, it's safe to say all the frames in this shop are photo-op worthy.

Pictured: Sheamakery Chocolate Raspberry Candle


Sarah Ann, the CEO and founder of Sheamakery, has using been her passion for skincare and artistic flare to create beautiful skin and self-care products since 2014. From bath bombs to body scrubs to scented candles, all of the creations from Sheamakery are handmade with love and organic ingredients.

Pictured: Satori Notes Jewelry

Satori Notes Jewelry

CEO and Founder Chyna Cyrus created Satori Notes Jewelry to awaken the "world-conquering, fearless, boss babe within"! Her beautifully dainty and minimalistic bracelets are branded with clever and inspiring phrases such as "Manifest That Shit" or "CE0,000,000". Satori Notes Jewelry has the perfect gifts for the fellow boss babes in your life!

Boss Bae Academy

Morgan Dvanzo founded the Boss Bae Academy to help female entrepreneurs and small business owners. The Boss Bae Academy seeks to provide businesses with the tools to grow and distinguish themselves in their unique market. Personally, I have my eye on their content calendar with 52 weeks of planning, follower tracking logs, and content reflection tools and activities.

The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar was born in 2012 out of Melissa Butler's New York kitchen. Recognizing the lack of diversity in the beauty industry, Butler built a brand that aims to raise the bar in Beauty by creating clean, cruelty-free, and inclusive beauty products. Since its founding, the Lip Bar has been featured in Elle Magazine and Refinery29. Shoppers are raving about their newest Fast Face Kits, a six-product package to create a full, every-day makeup look in only seven minutes!

Pictured: You Have Great Taste candles

You Have Great Taste

You Have Great Taste is here to bring "light to the chaos" with their 100% vegan, all-natural hand crafted candles. Their beautiful candles are hand crafted with wooden wicks and flowers. The candles all have hilariously original names such as the one pictured above, whose scent is "America Doesn't Run on Dunkin it Runs On Slavery Disguised as Capitalism".

Alexandra Wimbush

Obviously, this blog post has exposed my irrational and insatiable love of scented candles. But, when I discovered Alexandra Winbush, I knew I had to make a spot for this brand on my list because it is too one-of-a-kind to leave out! Alexandra Winbush is a one-of-a-kind self care kit that delivers "a piece of peace directly to your door". Picture this: Hand-poured Scented Candle + Loose-leaf tea + Curated Playlist that Matches Your Candle Scent. Simply pour a cup of tea, light your candle, and sit back to listen and relax. This is the perfect gift set for someone who needs a quarantine pick-me-up or for your essential workers that need a little R&R on their day off.

The Honey Pot Co.

Bea Dixon founded the Honey Pot Co., an environmentally sustainable line of all-natural feminine hygiene products. All Honey Pot Co. products are clinically tested and gynecologist-approved. Best of all, they're made with 100% natural ingredients (that means no chemicals, toxins or artificial fragrances found in drugstore brands like Summers' Eve). Honey Pot Co. knows it takes one to know one, so all of their products are tested and developed exclusively by females.

Pictured: Lemon/Lavender Oat Milk Soap

MariKai Naturals

Marisa Rodriguez, founder of MariKai Naturals, started making homemade skincare products in her kitchen to treat and soothe her son's eczema. Her successful Etsy shop is stocked with affordable, organic skincare products that cater to sensitive skin.

Pictured: Neesa Crochet Bikini Set

Custom Crochet Clothes

This Etsy shop has beautiful, hand-crocheted pieces that are perfect for these summer months! I personally have my eye on the Neesa Crochet Bikini Set because I love red swimwear.

Coloring Pins

Essence Hayes founded Coloring Pins to create unique pins that represent "people of color and other misrepresented and underrepresented" communities. The idea was birthed because Hayes didn't see any pins that "resonated with me or made me feel like I had to have them. I wanted a pin that was an extension of me, and I wanted to be able to walk with a pin that spoke before I did". Not only does Coloring Pins have awesome pins you won't find anywhere else, but it's a brand that's making a place for those without one in an increasingly popular market.

Supporting black-owned businesses is one way to show support to the black community at this time. However, there are many wants to get involved! Below, I've created a short list of additional resources to continue exercising your voice and making a difference. I encourage you to keep showing your support in every way possible, whether that be volunteering your time or money to organizations, or simply making calls and signing petitions! Keep this same energy. Until then, I'll see you guys next week.

Additional Resources Petitions:

Text or Call:

Donate Time, Money, or Resource to the Following Organizations:

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