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10 MORE Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram

Tanya Shatseva is a self-taught surrealist artist who lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her ethereal works depict scenes and subjects in dream-like states. As an artist, she explores themes of existentialism and the infinite boundaries of the human mind. Since she began pursuing a career as a full-time artist in 2010, Shatseva has been featured in galleries throughout Russia and internationally.

Erik Jensen is a deaf sculptor who, in his words, creates artwork “from old, gross, cat hair-covered keyboards”. Since 2013, Erik Jensen has been creating one-of-a-kind works from recycled computer keyboards. I have been obsessed with his work ever since I saw his beautiful recreation of the Girl with the Pearl Earring! Today, Jensen is a full-time artist continuing to create art that makes the world a more beautiful and sustainable place.

Self-taught artist and actor, Joseph Lee, is based in Los Angeles. In his artwork, Lee manipulates faces using color and brushwork. Inspired by the roots of his parents who emigrated to the United States, Lee incorporates textile fabrics into his pieces. His larger-than-life masterpieces explore faces and the emotions that inhabit them.

Evelyn Jones is a young female artist who creates trippy and haunting drawings that I have been obsessed with for years (seriously). She has created an iconic style for herself with her unique manipulation of faces seen throughout her artwork. Evelyn currently resides in Alaska, where she lives with her husband. Recently, Evelyn was able to proudly share with her followers that she “survived off of her art” in 2019, so it’s safe to say it’s only up from here for this full-time artist!

21-year old Alexis Marie Cortez is a full-time artist from California who makes stunning paintings of “naked ladies and fruits,” as she would say. To get slightly more technical, her work explores themes of feminine beauty (both internal and external) and aims to reflect the beauty of women as a whole. In her own words, through her work, Cortez wants women “to understand that they've been seen. They have been seen as they are," and that within every aspect of them there is beauty.

Celeste is a young artist who, like myself, was born and raised in Georgia. Despite the variety of mediums, she works with, Celeste’s unique style always shines through across all of her work. Her style is beautifully reminiscent of expressionism, and the subject matter of her pieces is thought-provokingly hard to ignore. Through her work, Celeste explores themes of feminism, mental health and her experience as a first-generation Mexican-American.

Jane Koluga is a self-taught illustrator and artist who travels the world while she creates. Koluga creates colorful, trippy works inspired by the human nature. Her Instagram feed is a beautifully aesthetic mish-mash of her art and her travels. You will see the stunning landscapes of Bali, Maldives, and the many exotic places she visits as a backdrop behind the pages of her sketchbook which she shares with her followers. If you’re a travel junkie with me, you’re sure to fall enviously in love with this full-time artist’s life.

Owen Wallace, more commonly known to his followers as @interstellarlaw, is a talented digital artist from the UK. Wallace creates stunning, surreal works characterized by his captivating contrast of realistic figures and flat two-dimensional shapes. He finds his inspiration in the world around him, more specifically from artwork, fashion and music.

Let me start by saying that I think Jenavieve Louie is a highly underrated artist on Instagram. This young female artist creates stunning photorealistic works of pop-culture icons. Her work is characterized by portraits on colorful, pop-art style backgrounds. Amongst her portfolio, you will find famed faces such as Mac Miller, Rihanna and Frank Ocean.

Sincerely Art, known by her followers as Sin, is a Mexican artist and proud mother of one. Sin started her journey as a full-time artist in the last year and has already found amazing success. Her surrealistic, trippy works are fragments and dream-like pieces of her reality. You will often see eyeballs in her work, which she says are representative of her and her vision.

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