Artist Statement 

I create in a surrealistic style that juxtaposes elements of nature to create a dreamy, ethereal scene around the human figure. Through visual context and rhetoric, my work initiates a dialogue around interpersonal relationships and our understanding of perception vs. reality. 


Manipulating and abstracting elements of the female figure is an integral aspect of building my compositions. Then, I translate that figure into a poetically layered existence of both flat, geometric and three-dimensional elements. Through this process, I consistently challenge and experiment with what visually defines the human identity and essence.


Symbolic imagery is another pillar of my artistic style. Text, numbers and other glyphs are often layered into my paintings. Digital-esque, glitch-like moments can be seen in many of my paintings as a visual means to represent concepts of distortion or deceit. Ultimately, my work explores what lies beyond traditional objective sight in an effort to externalize the less-tangible, inward qualities of the human experience. 



B.F.A. in Painting, 2021 – Savannah College of Art & Design. 



2020                Ashton Gallery “AtMidnight” San Diego, California. USA.

2019                Wesleyan Artists' Market, Peachtree Corners, Georgia. USA.

2014                DE Fine Art Gallery, Peachtree Corners, Georgia. USA.